{sga} now i'm thinking about

23. 43 icons / enough to make my system blow

tv shows; chuck, hawaii five-0, battlestar galactica, dexter, orphan black, stargate atlantis, elementary, beauty and the beast, leverage, person of interest
actors; tom hiddleston, alexandra daddario, zachary levi, troian bellisario

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

22. 27 icons / i'm nothing inbetween

Just a quick icon dump so that I won't take these very old icons with me into the next month :)

tv shows; defiance, white collar, firefly, orphan black, alias, smallville, supernatural, chuck, stargate atlantis, warehouse 13, hemlock grove

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{pll} these are my most collegiate

21. 46 icons / welcome to the new age.

I finally manage to find some time where I'm not tired and finish my 20inspirations set! I also included the few other icons I made this month so far. Then I decided to try a little bit of a new format for my posts: When you hover over each icon you'll see the number as well as the theme that it was made for. For the icons in the various section I also added the fandom name. Let me know if you like it, would like it better with the numbers like they were before or if you don't care?
In any case I hope you enjoy these!

tv shows; pretty little liars, chuck, nikita, chicago fire, once upon a time, orphan black, hemlock grove, v 2009, the vampire diaries, pushing daisies
movies; star trek: into the darkness, st trinian's

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{nikita} division is as good or as bad

19. 27 icons / and i don't have a gun

I really didn't believe I would finish this in time but today I got myself in motion (finally) and sat down to make these suckaaasss. Or something... Most of these are not exactly how I would like them but they're ok (some more, some less) so I'm just gonna roll with it!
Huge thanks to jsfunction & petite_tomate! without you two I wouldn't have come this far!
Enjoy this post! :)

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

17. 33 icons / there are many here among us to whom love is but a joke

A relatively small post this time because I've been lacking my icon skills lately and therefore I'm struggling with actually finishing an icon. This is also why this batch ranges from quite frankly bad icons to a few better ones, that I actually really like.

tv shows; pretty little liars, supernatural, primeval: new world, doctor who, chicago fire, suits, hannibal, nikita, the walking dead
movies; percy jackson & the olympians: the lightning thief
actors; saoirse ronan

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{chicago fire} you walked away

16. 43 icons / deep in my bones, straight from inside.

yes i forgot to put that in the last post :/ i don't even know where my head is today
And here's part two! This one has my turbo_rumble-set as well as many icons made for missingfaction!

tv shows; supernatural, battlestar galactica, caprica, nikita, smallville, bionic woman, farscape

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