katrina (vampire_sessah) wrote in narbennarr,

17. 33 icons / there are many here among us to whom love is but a joke

A relatively small post this time because I've been lacking my icon skills lately and therefore I'm struggling with actually finishing an icon. This is also why this batch ranges from quite frankly bad icons to a few better ones, that I actually really like.

tv shows; pretty little liars, supernatural, primeval: new world, doctor who, chicago fire, suits, hannibal, nikita, the walking dead
movies; percy jackson & the olympians: the lightning thief
actors; saoirse ronan

» pretty little liars
01 - 05
06 - 10

» supernatural
11 - 15
16 - 19

»primeval: new world
20 - 23

» doctor who (3x), chicago fire (2x)
24 - 28
» saoirse ronan, suits, hannibal, percy jackson, nikita
29 - 33
» the walking dead
34 - 35

» please make sure to credit me (vampire_sessah) or this comm (narbennarr) when taking any icons.
» do NOT hotlink or repost these anywhere.
Tags: !icons, actress: saoirse ronan, tv: chicago fire, tv: doctor who, tv: hannibal, tv: nikita, tv: pretty little liars, tv: primeval, tv: suits, tv: supernatural, tv: the walking dead

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