katrina (vampire_sessah) wrote in narbennarr,

21. 46 icons / welcome to the new age.

I finally manage to find some time where I'm not tired and finish my 20inspirations set! I also included the few other icons I made this month so far. Then I decided to try a little bit of a new format for my posts: When you hover over each icon you'll see the number as well as the theme that it was made for. For the icons in the various section I also added the fandom name. Let me know if you like it, would like it better with the numbers like they were before or if you don't care?
In any case I hope you enjoy these!

tv shows; pretty little liars, chuck, nikita, chicago fire, once upon a time, orphan black, hemlock grove, v 2009, the vampire diaries, pushing daisies
movies; star trek: into the darkness, st trinian's

» spencer hastings (pll)(for 20inspirations)

» chuck (for 7by7 & missingfaction)

» nikita (for a battle)

» various (for missingfaction & the7days)

» please make sure to credit me (vampire_sessah) or this comm (narbennarr) when taking any icons.
» do NOT hotlink or repost these anywhere.
Tags: !20in20, !icons, movie: star trek, tv: chicago fire, tv: chuck, tv: hemlock grove, tv: nikita, tv: once upon a time, tv: pretty little liars, tv: the vampire diaries

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