katrina (vampire_sessah) wrote in narbennarr,

23. 43 icons / enough to make my system blow

tv shows; chuck, hawaii five-0, battlestar galactica, dexter, orphan black, stargate atlantis, elementary, beauty and the beast, leverage, person of interest
actors; tom hiddleston, alexandra daddario, zachary levi, troian bellisario

» chuck (for watchnicon & the7days)

» hawaii five-0 & battlestar galactica (for vintagic's battle, missingfaction & the7days)

» various actors (for shootstills)

» various tv shows (for missingfaction, the7days & orphanb_elite)

» please make sure to credit me (vampire_sessah) or this comm (narbennarr) when taking any icons.
» do NOT hotlink or repost these anywhere.
Tags: actress: troian bellisario, tv: battlestar galactica, tv: chuck, tv: dexter, tv: hawaii five-0, tv: leverage, tv: orphan black, tv: person of interest, tv: stargate atlantis

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