{h50} let me spell it out for you

15. 53 icons / to my eighth grade crush who pushed me in the pool.

So this is the first half of the icons that I made this month but couldn't post because of deadlines and whatnot. There happened to be quite a lot icons-left overs so this is splitted in two post like I mentioned previously.
It's really time to get these off my chest though because all these old icons are suppressing my inspiration :/

tv shows; supernatural, lost girl, angel, dollhouse, leverage, warehouse 13, eureka, alphas, stargate atlantis, elementary, continuum, moonlight, h50, primeval new world, sanctuary
movies; hotel transylvania

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{whedon} my opinion of you weights

13. 41 icons / don't believe these angel eyes, they will hurt you. don't believe this lovely smile.

I don't even know what came over me but once I saw the new round at 20inspirations I just had to make all the icons for it and I finished this set faster than I thought! The theme was to make 10 icons featuring wide crops and 10 icons with close crops and I hope that I did alright with this.
Also included are my icons for missingfaction's first activity ever, which you should totally check out! here :)

tv shows; supernatural, nikita, angel, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, warehouse 13, stargate atlantis, battlestar galactica, sanctuary, person of interest

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

12. 33 icons / close enough to feel the flame I can push it through the pain.

I finally scrabbed enough icons for a post together. I've got a lot more at my hard drive right now but they can't be posted yet so this is a rather small post.
I hope you enjoy!

tv shows; supernatural, alphas, battlestar galactica, sanctuary, charmed, eureka, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, nikita, firefly, angel, buffy, tscc, person of interest, hawaii five-0, smallville, lost girl, revenge
actress; saoirse ronan

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

09. 39 icons / cellophane flowers of yellow and green towering over your head.

New Month ergo it's time for another folder clean out! This post cointains my icons for the january activity at tasteislife (which you can check out here!) as well as two sets for the7days and other various icons for various icontests :)

tv shows; supernatural, battlestar galactica, lost girl, whedon, elementary, fringe, continuum, beauty & the beast, stargate atlantis, charmed, nikita

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

06. 36 icons / then i heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too.

Another folder-clean out post! A collection of the various icons I made for different challenges. Very Supernatural-heavy like the last posts. I really got sucked into that fandom I guess. :P
Like the for the other icon posts: The first one to guess this posts title gets two icons. :)
Also I'm currently working on a few battles so those will be posted in early February most likely. If anyone would like to do a battle with me please ask, because they're just so much fun to do! Can't get enough of them! :P

tv shows; supernatural, sanctuary, battlestar galactica, lost girl, charmed, warehouse 13, smallville
movies; cabin in the woods, the host

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